An eco-lodge on Morocco’s Atlantic coast

The Serai is an eco-lodge on a dramatic stretch of Atlantic coast in Morocco, just north of Essaouira. Set amidst and heavily involved with two small fishing & farming communities, this kasbah of rock, earth and lime offers a unique and ecologically engaging experience for families and groups.

Special introductory rate for this winter 2019: €200 per person per week for groups of 6-12.

The Serai actively supports The Fertile Roots Foundation, a UK based non-profit dedicated to the sustainable regeneration of agriculture.


Off The Beaten Track But Not Remote

The ancient walled citadel of Essaouira is only 25 minutes away yet only in the last two years has it become possible for normal cars to reach the Serai. Should you choose to approach by the forest route there’s a strong sense of leaving the world behind you as the hillside drops toward the ocean. Many still do choose to arrive on foot, Hafed’s donkey carrying their bags. It’s part of the magic. Then there’s the space, the caves, the endless beach….

Trying to grow anything here, with almost no water and exhausted soils, led us down the path of permaculture and sustainable agriculture. From a windswept field of stone and dust, the garden is still being coaxed back into productivity, the emphasis being on finding water-efficient solutions that will be affordable for the local farmers to replicate. Slow food is all about eating what's produced locally and seasonally, to reduce the carbon footprint of a meal and protect livelihoods.

A percentage of profits generated by the Serai go to the Fertile Roots Foundation, a non-profit we are proud to have established. Fertile Roots assists rural communities make the transition from destructive farming practices over to sustainable, profitable agriculture, through a program of informing, researching, experimenting and, where necessary, awarding small grants. It’s a tremendously exciting project that links the people of Azrou Issa to a growing worldwide network of pioneering farmers and scientists. Our aim is nothing less than to change the future for this community, and have that change spread to others and self-replicate. It will be a long and hard road, but immensely interesting and satisfying.
Can be pushed by a man or pulled by a donkey
“Be part of the solution, not the problem.” This is our guiding philosophy for a happy and contented life. It’s all about ‘walking the talk’: recycling everything possible and buying only what’s really needed; using locally available resources and helping our neighbours to supply them. It means finding the cleanest and greenest solutions for energy and vigorously protecting valuable resources like water. It’s the reason we don't have a big swimming pool; less income but more contentment and more future.
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