Things To Do There

Essaouira is one of the most popular destinations in the country, for Moroccans as well as overseas visitors. Not only is the citadel dramatic and beautiful, there is very little of the aggressive salemanship so prevalent in Marrakech and other cities. Indeed, within their own country the ‘Saouiris’ have a reputation for being very relaxed and friendly. There is a great variety of things to do, something for every age and almost every interest and the town also hosts several internationally recognised musical festivals during the year.

Many of our guests have spent days unwinding in the area immediately around the eco-lodge. One family spent a whole week without getting in their car.


The garden of the eco-lodge operates as a demonstration site for permaculture and aspects of regenerative agriculture. Here we test water efficient systems for building soil life and a healthy eco-system; we experiment with pro-biotic sprays and compost teas and we trial potential crops for profit. There's always something going on that guests can get involved with.

The fishing and farming communities of Azrou Issa & Al Fayda comprise only 39 households. With strong winds and very little water, it’s not an easy place to live but the people are unfailingly friendly and hospitable. We started Fertile Roots to help them transition over to more sustainable farming practices and they help raise money for the cause with a variety of craft workshops.
Morocco is a big, beautiful country with every contrast. Camping amongst the dunes of the Sahara is a 6hr drive away, with absolutely beautiful oasises along the way. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains is 4hrs away.