“Hello!” he said. “The very man! Can I interest you in a piece of land in Morocco?”

“Possibly.” I replied, and so began a 17-year journey to build the Serai.

The story of the Serai begins in 2005. For almost the first time in my adult life I had enough money to think about maybe climbing onto the ‘property ladder’. In the UK this would definitely mean a mortgage on some tiny apartment. I was appalled at this prospect. Instead, I began to scout around for something a bit more interesting. something that might lead me down an interesting and unusual path.

I was thinking about Croatia or Slovenia; a kite surfing beach project in N Brazil sounded fun. A year or so drifted by with no decisions – I was busy with overseas work and my passion for paragliding and kite surfing. Then one day, walking through London, I met a man with whom I’d worked in the Middle East a few years before.


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