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Shamanika Yoga Teacher Training & Retreat

We welcome YOU to experience the magic of Morocco for our upcoming training this
spring, May 12th- 26th in the beauty of Essaouira, Morocco.
We are merging the 200 hour YTT with a yoga-surf retreat option, making it unique to fit your
calling to practice. Our training will run for the entire two weeks while the retreat options are
as follows:
1st Week: 12th to 18th of May 2023.
2nd Week: 19th to 25th of May 2023.
A detailed retreat schedule is below; however you can expect daily invigorating practices,
meditation, pranayama, breathwork, ecstatic dance, yin, and time to enjoy nature with
opportunities to explore.
For our trainees your schedule will also include lectures on yoga philosophy/energetic
body/sacred texts/anatomy, yoga techniques + asana workshops, time for practice teaching,
and understanding how to set up a successful career as a yoga teacher.
We will be staying at the stunning Villa The Serai- here it´s history :
The Serai is a traditionally built family home and retreat venue on a dramatic stretch of
Atlantic coast in Morocco, just north of Essaouira. Set amidst two small fishing & farming
communities, this kasbah of rock, earth and lime offers a unique and ecologically
engaging experience for groups and families.
The Serai is unique. It is the result of a 17-year Do-It-Yourself project by husband and wife
team, Mark & Ayelen (Scottish & Argentinian). Working in Ibiza each summer and then
each winter in Morocco investing whatever money they had managed to save in building
materials and help from the villagers, stone by stone they turned a rudimentary idea into
reality. They set themselves only two rules: never borrow any money, and never hire
anyone from outside the immediate community.The Serai was therefore built by amateurs,
fishermen, volunteers and visiting friends. An abundance of time made this possible. And
it looks like it’s been there for centuries.
We choose The Serai also for its unique convenience as it is situated at the foot of a
forested hillside and a 10 minute walk from the beach, the house enjoys some of the
finest views in the region. From every window there is woodland or ocean, or Essaouira
itself, just visible beyond a patchwork of fields and honey-coloured stone walls, and a
long, sweeping, deserted beach.
The ‘Temple’ is our main Yoga and Teaching facility.
The ‘Temple’ is a beautiful space of 6m x 11m with a wooden floor of recycled beech
wood. Light and views flood in through large, shaded windows to the East and West.
Curtains ensure privacy if required, while the vaulted and muralled ceiling offers
extraordinary acoustics.
There are also huge indoor and outdoor stages, the vaulted saloon, an enormous flat
roof, the sunset deck and front terraces where we will choose to hold lectures, yoga
classes, mediations and talks.
There will also be prepared spaces in the garden and we will make use of the beach,
which at low tide is huge.
The bedrooms:
Celebrating natural lime plasters and time-worn, recycled wood, bedrooms are
unpretentious and uncluttered. Large glass doors and cleverly angled windows fill every
corner with light and reward every glance with a view. Hammam style bathrooms of
exposed, handmade brick and rich tadelakt plasters lend a deep warmth to the space.
You can choose out of a shared bedroom or single bedroom option.
We have a full board catering/ chef who will provide us with delicious vegetarian, sattvic
(yogic/alkaline) Brunch, Snacks and Dinner.
Our training encapsulates the full 200 hours which are in alignment and approved by the
Yoga alliance. To ease into the course, there will be about 19 hours online before the
training, and space to have online lectures afterwards.
Training Schedule 200 h YTT:
Online: April 26th, May 03th, May 10th, 2023
19:00-22:00 CET, Wednesdays
Also included is 10 hours of prerecorded Anatomy material to complete in your own time.
You will get exclusive access to Jambo’s homepage and pre-recorded videos which will
enable you to already get a better understanding of the necessary anatomy.
May 12th to 26th is in person time in MOROCCO: study, practice, reflect (07:00 am -9:00
pm) daily.
*hours are subject to vary and there will be breaks in between. As we won’t have more than
13 hours worth of practice and study time in one day. Our intention is to immerse you, yet to
have the space for integration and enjoying nature.
Following the training we will reserve May 31st, June 06th, June 14th for online lectures from
19:00-22:00 CET, Wednesdays.
Students will be asked to maintain a diary for their self practice during June and this will be
submitted at the end of the month to receive the final certification. In the month of June you
also have the time to review your studies, finish required reading and contact us with any
questions. Our intention is to fully support you as you continue to grow.
Investment 200 h Hatha- Vinyasa YTT
includes accommodation, vegetarian/vegan meals, and training
Option 1:
2500€ training
875€ accommodation
450€ food
=3825€ shared bedroom
Option 2:
2500€ training
1475€ accommodation
450€ food
=4425€ single bedroom
*If you are already in Morocco, or have your own accommodation, you are welcome to join
solely the training.
700 Euro non refundable Deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Bank details are:
Yogaibizatirol / Shamanika Yoga School
Bianca Hanika
IBAN: AT322050800001525450
Austria, Tyrol
you can also transfer per Paypal to :
or pay in cash.
Contact us directly for any questions or requests.
10% of revenue from the Serai goes to The Fertile Roots Foundation and thus to the local
Daily YOGA- RETREAT Schedule:
07:00 – 10:00 morning intensive Yoga practice.
Our morning sadhana practice consist of meditation, pranayama, a well rounded asana
practice, and deep relaxation/time for journaling
(You may choose to shorten the practice based on your personal needs and the classes are
suited to all levels.)
10:00- 11:00 am Brunch
-free time-
(*Option to book on additional costs activities as seen below)
17:00 – 18:00 afternoon Yoga practice (time slightly vary due YTT schedule)These
practices vary from asana focus, breathwork, and yin based on the energetics of the
group and what is needed to restore balance
18:30 – 19:30 Dinner (time slightly vary due YTT schedule)
20:00 – 21:00 Meditation (time slightly vary due YTT schedule)
*The prices shown below are GUIDE PRICES and may be subject to change.
1. A selection of Guided Walks & Experiences with Mark or Ayelen @ €50 per hour:
○ Exploration of beach headland and caves (low-tide only): 2-3 hours
○ Forest Walks: 1-4 hours.
○ Tai Chi Conscious Walk: 2-3 hours
○ Wild & Free in the Dunes of Tissa: 2-3 hours + Transport @ €20 per 4
○ Conscious Night Walk: 1-2 hours
○ Healing Sound Bath in the Dunes: 3 hours + Transport @ €20 per 4
people (Dependant upon wind.)
○ Sunset dinner in the Dunes: 2-3 hours – Price on request.
2. One night, forest bivouac under the stars:
○ 4 hours walk total
○ Supper cooked over an open fire, breakfast of special porridge, and
‘billy-can’ coffee.
○ Fall asleep in a cosy swag-bag, around the fire, looking at the stars in
the flickering firelight.
3. Traditional bread-making with local women: €60 / 1-2 hours – Money goes
directly to local community.
4. Camel Rides on the Beach: €40 per hour per camel/€80 for 3 hours + Transport
6-seats €50 / 8+ seats €90)
5. Horse Riding on the Beach: €40 per hour per camel/€80 for 3 hours (Transport
6-seats €50 / 8-seats + €90)
6. Surfing in Essaouira: Board rental €5/hr; lessons €15/hr + (Transport 6-seats €50
/ 8+ seats €90)
7. Hammam: €25 per person for 3hr steam scrub and massage. (Transport 6-seats
€50 / 8+ seats €90)
8. Al Had’raa Farmers’ Market (Sundays only) – a super colourful and traditional
market…the real Morocco. (Transport 6-seats €40 / 8+ seats €90)
9. Explore Essaouira – the walled Medina is a delight; an ancient, pedestrian-only
labyrinth of colourful narrow streets full of shops and restaurants and artisanal
workshops. Eat freshly grilled fish straight off the boats in the harbour and watch
the crashing waves from the battlements. (Transport: 6-seats €50 / 8+ seats €90)
Investment YOGA Retreat
includes accommodation, vegetarian/vegan meals, and daily twice Yoga, some lectures from
the YTT will be open to retreaters at an additional cost.
Week 1: (May 12th to 18th)
all included:
Shared Room 990€
Single Room 1350€
Week 2: (May 19th to 25th)
all included:
Shared Room 990€
Single Room 1350€
700 Euro non refundable Deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Bank details are:
Yogaibizatirol / Shamanika Yoga School
Bianca Hanika
IBAN: AT322050800001525450
Austria, Tyrol
you can also transfer per Paypal to :
or pay in cash.
Contact us directly for any questions or requests.
10% of revenue from the Serai goes to The Fertile Roots Foundation and thus to the local
Are you ready to take the next step now?
We are ready to receive your booking.
Contact us directly for any questions or requests.
Whatsapp: 0043/664/2265271
Whatsapp 0049/1514/7742742
katsparklez (Katzi Schamens)
The location you find on:
Jambo the Anatomy teacher
Instagram: jambodragon
The training and retreat will be taught in English, with German translation if
We wish you a wonderful day full of joy and bliss and we are looking forward to
seeing you there.
Bianca and Katzi



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